Feng Shui Services


Feng Shui for Business & Career

Optimizing Work Settings and Commercial Spaces

Spatial layout for offices and commercial areas to boost the business, communication and collaboration
Distribution of functions within the office space (meeting rooms, customer zones, administration)
Design and composition of corporate and individual workspaces to enhance creativity and productivity


Feng Shui for Residential Settings

Shaping your Personal Environment

Assistance in renting and buying decisions
Distribution of room functions within the residence:
Which room for whom?
Utilization of room functions;
e.g. which room to pick as home office?


Interior Design

Designing Spaces

Transferring the findings from Feng Shui and Ba Zi Suan Ming Analysis into utilization concepts, furnishing and design suggestions as well as colour palettes, based on your individual demands and ideas


Ba Zi Suan Ming

Personal Development

Laying foundation for optimized composition of your residential and commercial space
Personality analysis and assessment of the current life situation
Identifying personal strenghts and potentials
Definition of beneficial places, activities and settings
Career advise and consulting about suitable work functions and industries